useless-fangirl asked:

When you get this, say five facts about yourself, then pass out on to your ten favourite followers!

ok firstĀ  of all the daughter of Terre Haute’s most legendary paper boy of the 70’s so treat me like it.

2. said paper boy’s nephew met Nicholas cage at an airport and Nick asked him “are my movies good?” to which nephew replied “no” and Nick bought him a beer.

3. My teacher’s dad played in a band and one of the band members went on to join R.E.M.

4. My penpal’s dad’s lifelong friend’s wife’s sort-of-friend is well know Marxist Slovenian Philosopher Slavoj Zizek so don’t mess with me.

5. (actually about me) I enjoy sitting in old tattered accordion boxes dramatically doing covers of songs on ukulele i’ll post some now!

Thanks Madi! (oyayayaya) *picture of potoo screaming*